CONVERSATION CARDS for Adults – Familiar Words & Nostalgic Items

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Shadowbox Press Conversation Cards are designed to encourage individuals experiencing memory loss to reminisce about a particular aspect or experience from their lives—the events both big and small that helped us become the people we are today.

Each deck contains 52 two-sided cards. The front of each card features a large, vivid photograph and the corresponding name of the item printed in bold, large-print text. The back of each card features nine questions—a combination of (4) closed-ended, (2) open-ended, (1) either/or, and (2) "Did you know" trivia questions. The questions are opinion-based—purposely created to have no right or wrong answer.

The “Conversation Cards for Adults – Volume 1: Familiar Words” deck includes: alarm clock-apple-autumn leaf-baby-bird-bread-cat-cheese-chocolate-cinnamon-clown-coffee-cookie-corn-crayon-drum-elephant-fan-fire truck-flowers-fortune cookie-fruitcake-garlic-goldfish-horse-ice-ice cream-laundry-lavender-lime-lipstick-pancakes-penny-peppermint-perfume-pinecone-popcorn-rooster-seashell-sewing machine-shoes-slot machine-sweater-teakettle-teddy bear-telephone-turkey-typewriter-umbrella-watering can-wedding bands-whistle

Our latest deck (launched in 2017), “Conversation Cards for Adults – Volume 2: Nostalgic Items” includes: apple pie-baby carriage-balloons-bicycle-books-camera-camper-cap gun-carnival-cast iron skillet-cookie jar-doll-dominoes-drive-in theater-egg beater-fondue-fountain pen-garden gnome-gumdrops-hair curlers-hat-home canning-ice cream truck-jack-in-the-box-jacks-jukebox-lava lamp-manhattan-milk bottle-milkshake-motor scooter-movie projector-muscle car-paper doll-patio furniture-picnic basket-postcard-recorder-road map-rocking horse-roller skates-Rosie the Riveter-saddle shoes-school desk-silver dollar-silver flatware-sled-swing-tin toy-trophy-wagon-yarn

CONVERSATION CARDS for Adults - Volumes 1 & 2 includes:
CONVERSATION CARDS for Adults - Familiar Words
CONVERSATION CARDS for Adults - Nostalgic Items

Two decks - 52 cards per deck - 6" x 9"

ISBN-13: 978-0-9960461-6-9 - ISBN-10: 0-9960461-6-X

Shipping Weight: 3 lbs., 12 oz.

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