About Our Dementia Products

Shadowbox Press dementia products are designed to encourage engagement opportunities and enhance communication with people living with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia.

About Our Books

Our eight books are innovative in both content and format. The books offer a variety of subject matter designed to encourage people living with memory loss to reminisce, recall memories, and share stories. Each of the books features three unique sections: The Story, Conversation Starters, and Activities.



  • Engaging photographs and large-print text written in easy-to-comprehend sentences
  • Fosters an interest in reading
  • Designed to entertain, inform, inspire, and/or educate

Conversation Starters

    • Features a combination of closed-ended (yes or no) and open-ended questions
    • Questions directly correlate to each individual sets of pages from the STORY
    • Designed to prompt a dialogue from memories of past experiences, events and/or relationships


      • Based on sensory stimulation, creative expression, and physical movement
      • Corresponds to the overall theme of each book
      • Designed to provide additional mental and physical enrichment


      About Our Conversation Cards 

      Our interactive Conversation Cards are designed to add a new dimension of entertainment and enthusiasm to conversations. Each of our three decks features vivid photographs, large-print text, and nine questions per card. The photographs and questions are designed to encourage adults living with memory loss to reminisce, recall memories, and share stories.

      Side One


      • Vivid, full-color photographs
      • Large-print, bold-faced type
      • Non-reflective, matte finish

      Side Two


          • (4) closed-ended questions
          • (2) open-ended questions
          • (1) either/or question
          • (2) "Did you know" trivia questions
        • Non-reflective, matte finish