Coloring Can Benefit Adults Living with Memory Loss (Plus: Four Free Downloadable Coloring Pages) January 21 2016

Coloring is an activity that is normally associated with children. However, over the past few years, adults are beginning to rediscover the benefits of coloring—primarily its stress-relieving capabilities.

So what about adults living with memory loss?

Studies have shown that coloring can provide an array of therapeutic benefits for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Coloring is a fun and joyful activity. It’s soothing, and as a result leaves one feeling much more rested, relaxed, and less stressed. It can stimulate brain areas related to motor skills, creativity, and the senses. In addition, experts say that concentrating on a coloring book can bring back memories of childhood.

Let's Get Started...

Step 1:
Begin by creating a relaxing environment. Consider soft music in the background.

Step 2:
Find something to color. Experiment with a variety of coloring books (nothing with intricate drawings), or print out one of our pages below to color. We’ve included the photograph the coloring page was derived from—it may be helpful as reference.

firefighter coloring pagefirefighter photograph
rooster coloring pagerooster photograph
girl with lollipop coloring pagegirl with lollipop photograph
gumball machine coloring pagegumball machine photograph

Step 3:
Choose your coloring supplies. Crayons are great (even the smell of the crayons evokes reminiscence). Colored pencils, markers, or even water-based paints also work well.

Step 4:
Begin coloring! Do not be concerned about the colors that are selected. The colors may choose themselves. Allow the creativity and imagination to flourish.

Have fun!

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